The Aelth are one of the major sentient races on Maeleff. Most believe that they were the first raised, made by their gods from a strange animal call a thisp, a small tree dwelling predator that resembles a lightly furred snake, but which is actually a mammal and a colony of algae that live symbiotically.  

"Aelthan" means "eldest" in their tongue, as the aelth were the first race created by the gods.  Stalkers, archers and masters of their own subtle natural magics. 


Aelth have long, narrow, pointed features, long pointed ears, and they are very thin and long of limb. They average about 6.5 feet in height, but usually have a deeply hunched posture due to a deeply curved and flexible spine. By human standards they seem emaciated.

Skin tones range primarily through seasonal forest colors: greens, yellows, reds, ochres and browns.


There are aelth that taste the Blood of the Gods and fall to corruption, but they are disavowed by others of their race, who will insist that those that fell are not of the Aelthan and never were, and that the Aelth race remains pure. The few (unacknowledged) Aelth who do fall to the blood can become beings of immense power. (See The Weeping).